Xtreme Motorsport, specialises in wheels and tyres, mags, alloys and rims.

Apart from any other technicalities, without wheels and tyres on your vehicle, you will not be able to get where you need to be. This is a highly important aspect for the movement of any vehicle and great attention needs to be paid to its condition and maintenance to ensure the safety of you and your passengers.

Reliable and durable tyres in Cape Town are now just one phone call or visit away, all thanks to Xtreme Motorsports. You can now put all your trust in our qualified workers to ensure the preservation, repairs and insertion of your wheels. The mother city is not only home to some of the finest natural views within the country, but it also houses some of the most current, state of the art car accessories that any passionate car lover such as ourselves will appreciate including both simple and lavish mags or rims.

Placing alloys on ones car is not only a perfect way to accessorise your car but in choosing a particular alloy, it also allows you to give your car the impression you choose it to have. Our store houses some of the most impressive car accessories in the country and we dedicate ourselves to providing clients with the most appropriate additions to complicate their pride vehicles and their personal taste.

Here at Xtreme Motorsport we pride ourselves in customising your vehicle with the freshest wheels, tyres and car accessories that appeal to the vehicles frame and owners expression of style. We cater to the most simple and extravagant customisation requests and you nothing short of absolute, complete delight and contentment.

For any queries or requests, please Contact Us on +27 21 - 510 1110 or at to provide you with the finest end results ensuring a promising end product and satisfied clients. Please browse through our website for our carbon fibre products and car performance products.


17'' MATRIX 4X100 VELLANO VTK ADVS 8-5X120  
18'' LDR2 5X112 19'' R1 5X120 19'' IMAGINE 5X120 19'' CSL 5X120
19'' DTV 5X120 19'' LMR 5X112-120 19'' RTV 5X114 19'' SL 5X112
19'' STR 5X120 19'' TWIN 5X120 19’’ 5X112/120 LMR  
19''&20'' RS63 5X112 19''&20'' SLS 5X112 19''&20'' VIZZO 5X120 19''&20'' RS 5X112
20'' DLS 5X130 20'' DLS 5X112 20'' FOOSE 5X120 20'' HAMN 5X120
20'' KHAN 5X120 20'' LDR 5X112 20'' MAGIC 5X120 22'' RS 5X120



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